A new proposed planning document, The Guidebook for Great Communities ("Guidebook"), was presented to Calgary City Counci and a public hearing was conducted at between March 22 -24, 2021.  At the conclusion of the hearing Council directed Administration to report to the May 5, 2021 SPC on Planning and Urban Development with a "What We Heard" report based on the public hearing and propose recommended amendments to the Guidebook for Council consideration, engaging with stakeholders as needed, with public participation at the committee meeting.


On the basis that the Guidebook has been referred back to administration to summarize the public hearing into a "What We Heard" report, which will hopefully succinctly capture a comprehensive list of all concerns that Calgargians have raised about this policy, this section remains as a placeholder in anticipation of in the future containing a link to that report and/or excerpts from it.


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  • "“It’s actually a guidebook,” Naheed Nenshi said. “It’s not a statutory plan. It’s not a law. It’s a guidebook."
  • Guidebook for Great Communities (pg 4): " The Guidebook is a statutory document that builds on the city-wide policies of the Municipal Development Plan and guides how a local area plan accommodates growth and development at a community level through the application of urban form categories."

February 13, 2020: The Sprawl Calgary: The City’s New Plan To Counter Sprawl

  • “We haven't [done public engagement] because we want to do this differently, because that type of engagement hasn't been working in the past to actually get us to the outcomes we want,” said Lisa Kahn, the city’s coordinator for the legislation and land-use bylaw team, with Calgary growth strategies.
  • We’ve struggled to work with communities to create community plans that implement that larger city vision at the local level. - STEPHEN PEARCE, CITY OF CALGARY

March 4, 2020: City of Calgary Planning and Urban Development (PUD) Committee Meeting: Video Record

  • 01:42:10 - Introduction to items 7.4 (Guidebook for Great Communities) and 7.5 (North Hill Local Area Plan)
  • 01:43:15 - Administration presentation on 7.4 (Guidebook for Great Communities)
  • 02:00:30 - Administration presentation on 7.5 (North Hill Local Area Plan)
  • 03:54:15 - Public Hearing on 7.4 & 7.5
  • 05:48:30- Discussion between Committee and Administration of 7.4 & 7.5
  • 08:03:05 - Councillor Sutherland facilitates discussion regarding preserving areas of single detached housing
  • 08:19:10 - Councillor Farkas proposes a new urban form category to protect contiguous areas of houses
  • 8:25:00 - Farkas presents the proposed amendments
  • 8:29:09 - DeMong provides his perspective
  • 8:33:49 - Sutherland provides his perspetive
  • 8:40:30 - Farkas summarizes his concerns  


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