Originally proposed as a statutory master planning document, The Guidebook for Great Communities ("Guidebook"), was renamed the Guide for Local Area Planning ("the Guide") and at  the May 5, 2021 SPC on Planning and Urban Development meeting was instead adopted by the City of Calgary as a best-practice guide.  The implications of this, as taken directly from the City website are:


"As an administrative document, policies from the Guide will be pulled directly into local area plans to create a single document with all policies located in one place. Policies and tools that are included in the local area plan, taken from the Guide, will be statutory policies if/when that local area plan is adopted/approved by Council. Opportunities to update and improve the Guide will be ongoing and captured through the local area planning process. Potential Guide refinements will be brought forward to Committee with each proposed local area plan."


The North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (NHCLAP) is a pilot multi-community planning document intended to facilitate growth and change. A revised version of the NHCLAP was released on June 2, 2021, with unapproved policies cut and pasted from the Guidebook for Great Communities, now renamed the Guide for Local Area Planning. Council approved first reading of the plan on June 21, 2021, WITHOUT citizen consultation on the recently released version of the NHCLAP.  The plan is now before the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board after which it will come back to city council for second and third readings.

The NHCLAP is the first of many Local Area Plans (LAP) that the City plans to roll out across Calgary. It includes the communities of Capitol Hill, Crescent Heights, Greenview Industrial, Highland Park, Mount Pleasant, Renfrew, Rosedale, Thorncliff-Greenview (south of McKnight Boulevard N), Tuxedo Park, Winston Heights-Mountainview.:


  • Residents of the nine NHCLAP communities were NOT consulted on this plan after significant changes were introduced.  Many residents are unaware of the plan.

  • Current limitations on development governing height, lot coverage, number of units, etc. will be replaced with higher density guidelines without sufficient citizen input.

  • Loss of sunlight, loss of privacy and significant loss to the urban tree canopy.

  • The NHCLAP will lead to future zoning changes in all Calgary Communities. It will be used as a template for future local area plans and establishes a precedent for permitting densification in every part of every Calgary community.


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